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I was sitting in the Belsfield Hotel at Bowness-On-Windermere recently, whilst having an afternoon tea with my wife (very nice it was too) and just thinking to myself of the why and how I was there.

We had just travelled up to the Lake District after a couple of nights stay in Manchester to see The Kiefer Sutherland Band which was part of my wife’s Birthday present – we had stayed in a supposed 5 star hotel, but that was a story in itself – definitely NOT 5 star service !

Anyhow, to get back to my point(s), I was just contemplating my lot in life a little bit and thinking how lucky I was (we were) to be there at this point in our lives. I am not using this blog post to brag or to show off about my life or Online Business or anything like that – I’m definitely not like that at all.

I was just taking stock of life a tad as I had quite a very difficult year (and then some !) where I suffered some personal tragedies and real misfortune click here and how I had to relearn to do certain things and put in some real hard work, both mentally and physically, to get back to where I was in my life. I have had to quit my job and need to work from home (or at least be based at home) and change how I have had to earn a living. I have had to look at things (very) differently and look at using the Internet to try and earn sufficient money to be able to enjoy a comfortable life, plus also look at employing a few different methods to do this – many streams make a river, they say ! I’ve learned that it’s better to have multiple ways of making money, businesses or income streams all working together rather than having all my eggs in one basket – that is one of, if not THE main things I have re-learned over this last year !

So, whilst tucking in to my fruit scone (with clotted cream & raspberry jam !) washed down with some English Breakfast Tea – mmmmmmmm !!!!! I had a sudden thought that after such a poor year, maybe things had taken an upturn and maybe things were not so bad. In addition, everyone should just take stock once in a while and not only evaluate what was going on in their lives, but what was actually GOOD in their lives. Isn’t this what they call mindfulness nowadays? As I have gone through life, it is my firm belief that there is no such thing as co-incidence and basically what is down for you is pre-determined and that this is only life dealing the cards to you, and it is how you play your hand that determines what happens in your life. You may not agree with me, but hey, that is ok, we all have our own way of looking at things.

So getting back to the main subject, I also looked at my involvement with Offline and Online businesses and how there is a serious crossover now with the Offline to the Online world in nearly all avenues, and how the internet has allowed people of all backgrounds communicate and do business all over the world, enabling many people to lead extra-ordinary lives that maybe were closed to them not so long ago.

Over the years I have set-up many income streams and businesses (some offline and some online) with varying degrees of success and how I am really pushing on to try and make them fully online and in the digital world. This has been quite a steep learning curve for me, but it can be shown that with the right mindset and the correct application it is possible, but there are many pitfalls along the way. I will not admit that it is easy, but it is not difficult either – just don’t expect a get-rich-quick, easy ride – it is bloody hard graft at times and is long-term, especially if you want to make regular amounts of money to live a comfortable life.

Looking at my blog posts so far, they do appear negative and I am doing a bit of ranting, however if you decide to put in the effort and ‘learn’, a sustainable online business is a distinct reality. My next few posts should be more positive and also explain a few things that I have learned along they way which can help you make up your mind if an online business id for you.

See you on the other side,




    2 replies to "So what has the Internet done for me? What can it do for you?"

    • Gary Frazier

      HI Steve. I watch a lot of short videos on Many of them are very empowering. You will feel great and have a positive outlook on life after you watch some of the short videos. They have thousands of short stories on this site. Try it out and see.

      • stevewilliamsonline

        Hey , Many thanks Gary, I’ll certainly give that site a ‘good’ look.

        All the very best,


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