The Money is in the List” is quite a well-known phrase that if you have spent any time at all looking at online business, especially online (or offline!!) marketing, you will have come across many times, but really, what does it mean? What’s it all about?

Building an email subscriber list is one of the most effective ways to connect and build a relationship with your blog audience, promote blog posts and increase your sales. It also increases the chances of your blog being a success. So whether you want to notify your audience when you’ve created a new blog post, send out an email newsletter or just get your sales message in front of your customers, then building a mailing list is essential.

Your ‘list’ is your blog subscribers, newsletter readers, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, etc … in fact all of the people who have given you permission to contact them, and the more relevant and valuable messages you send these people, the more trust and credibility you will earn with them, and in turn they are more likely to buy your latest product or service.

To add my ‘two penneth’ – If you are trying to build an online presence or profile and you try to reach out to your Customers other than on Social Media, you dont actually ‘own’ their details. To use Sales Speak, they are not qualified, and hence they are not on your list.

Now this may appear a bit confusing as to what I have said, but as an example:-

You may be posting to a lot of people (potential Customers) on Social Media, but they may not actually receive your notification, message or ‘latest offer’ every time and (heaven forbid) may miss out. Whereas, if you have their email address and contact details that they have freely given you, you can send that daily, weekly, monthly email with that exact same notification, message, ‘latest offer’ and above all value – you are giving value aren’t you? -and reach out to them with a raised level of commitment.

To try and explain this further, say you have a load of followers on Facebook or Twitter, etc … (other platforms are available :-)) but even if you post every day or week, your ‘followers’ may not actually see or receive your messages or notifications and therefore may not be aware of that important message or latest offer. Now, if you actually get them to subscribe to your mailing list with their email address and/or contact details, they have taken the next step and committed to receive your latest message, offer, product/service, etc…  making it a reciprocal process.         

In addition, it is still not enough to try and build a list (of hungry, entertained, valued people) in itself, you’ve also got to keep them ‘warm‘ and build a ‘targetted‘ list. One thing which we sometimes forget is it’s never about the quantity of the subscribers, it’s all about getting a targetted list. To get a substantial and targetted mailing list, you should concentrate about what your customers  actually need and subsequently offer them what they want. Just building a list doesn’t really help in the long run, it’s a better idea to have a targeted mailing list.

“What are you on about, Steve?” I hear you cry – well this simply means that you contact them on a regular basis, reaching out to them and building that ‘rapport’ that is so necessary. It is not good enough to send out your message sporadically, sometimes trying too hard to push a product onto them that you want them to buy.

The key is to regularly contact your list, keeping them up to date on what you are doing, what you are interested in, what you are watching or reading, what you are evaluating, etc.. and they are enjoying your content and the value you give to them, so when you do have an ‘offer’ or product you would like them to buy, they are part of the process, not just part of an obvious (desparate) ploy  to try and sell them something.

Remember, people do not like to be sold to !

So, are you trying to build a list as per the above? All businesses should be building and communicating with their list of Customers and above all, giving them value above everything else. One word of warning though, it is quite easy to start off when you are trying to build a list to over-commit early on then hit a brick wall, resulting in sporadic messages with poor quality, low value content. It is better to send regular quality communications to your list.

Try to build your list, keeping your message consistent (in both quality and quantity), keeping your communications regular and offering ever more value and service.

Yes the money can be in the list, but it also depends on what you do with that list

See you on the other side ….


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