I’ve just been reading through some stuff in the local newspaper and the overall issue appeared to be about people over 50 being classed as basically unemployable and ‘past it’. This is in addition to the many PC books & programs e.g. “Laptops for Seniors”, “Ipads for over 50’s” etc ….  Makes my blood boil !!!!!

What a load of patronising, condescending rubbish. People in their 50’s ( I have been in my 50’s for quite a few years now and am a true ‘Silver Surfer’ ) have gone through the 70’s,80’s 90’s & 2000’s gaining immense skills and experience that a lot of younger people will never be able to have or use.

  • How many times have you gone into a shop and wanted just some advice or even some actual professional salesmanship from the ‘expert’ in the shop who can just about string two words together, looking at his / her feet?
  • How many times have you been on the phone to a ‘contact’ centre and the ‘operative’ has no idea what to do, what you are talking about, what your problem is and is just damn useless?
  • How many times in your workplace have you experienced some youngster, so full of ‘new’ ideas, but unfortunately has no common sense and an idea of how to actually implement anything?

I could go on, but have now started to calm down a bit – not good for my blood pressure.

When I look back to my Parents’ generation (and further back), people in their 50’s (and older) really were ‘old’, for instance, my father died at age 58 and I don’t remember him ever wearing, never mind owning, a pair of jeans. He really did dress as an old man.

As I have stated above, people who are now in their 50’s were born in the 1960’s and have gone through all of the technological advances, computers, internet, mobile phones, engineering, health advances, never mind:-

Moon landings, Decimalisation, Three-day-weeks, Powercuts, 70’s Strikes, Punk Rock, Disco, Thatcher, Falklands War, Miners’ Strikes, Berlin Wall coming down, Nelson Mandela, Live Aid, etc… I could go on and on.

So I do not accept this general attitude to people of a certain age being ‘over the hill’ or ready to be ‘put out to pasture’.

Come on people, let’s show ’em !!

Until next time,


    2 replies to "Rant No:1 – People Written Off At 50 – Really !!"

    • Les Boys

      Good one Steve, I couldn’t agree with you more, I am 65 shortly.

      I changed my profession when I was 59, it was hard as no-one wanted to give an old guy a chance, even though I have a lifetime of experience, no real ailments, what is called an “old fashioned” work ethic & have a brain between my ears!

      We don’t have a lot going for us do we:)
      Take care

    • stevewilliamsonline

      Hey Les,
      Yes, a ‘lifetime of experience’ really does come in handy – wish I knew what I know now some 30+ years ago !
      All the best,

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