I don’t know if you remember the title of this post – ‘Annus Horribilis’ – but it refers to the Queen’s speech from a few years ago, when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II told her loyal subjects of her ‘very poor’ year.

Well, unfortunately Your Royal Highness, I don’t mean to demean your luck, but your poor year pails into insignificance compared with my year (and a bit !!), where I have really been through the ringer and only now feel able to get back ‘on the horse’ and get ‘living’ again.

If I was to put my year-and-a-bit to music, it would be to an old Blues song that should have a title ” If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all” (is there such a song title?). But that seems totally appropriate.

Anyway, I’ve had some mental and physical issues that seemed to just compound themselves one after another, but I’m still here, still kicking, screaming, moaning and complaining – so trying to get back to my old, normal self and have had to re-learn lots of stuff in my life at my ripe old age.

So, my blog has had a bit of an impasse for quite some time now, but, I’m back and raring to go again. If you look at one of my older blog posts about wasting time, it has become even more apparent to me to grasp every opportunity and to seize the day and the line:-

Yesterday is history,  Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present

is more evident. When I look back (something which I shouldn’t really do – look forward, not back !), I now know a few reasons why I wanted to have an online business:-

Unlimited earning potential – once you realise that there is a process for running an online business, the process if correctly followed can be used time and time again to earn some substantial earnings

Start-up with relatively little cost – compare it to opening a franchise – check out the price of a McDonald’s franchise !

Operate from home anywhere in the world – if you have a computer and internet access, you can be in business

Online businesses can be automated – once the process is set-up, it can be automated and even outsourced, enabling 24/7 opening hours.

No personal limitations – it does not matter what your ethnicity, sexuality, religion, social class, education, there are no entry requirements or limitations

So what are your reasons for wanting to work online? What advantages can you see for yourself? Whatever they may be, the main thing and primary reason for me is to take action and get stuck in – we only have one life and are only here for a short period of time, so why not do something that you enjoy and not waste time on negatives like commuting, working for a terrible company/boss, wasting time moaning about your lot in life, monday morning blues and many other soul-destroying, life-sucking, energy-sapping matters.

See you on the other side,




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