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Throughout my career I found I was using computers more and more, so I purchased my first home PC in the late 90’s and quickly realised that there must be ways of earning money using my computer and the ‘new’ internet to do so. Although still probably classed as a non-expert on computers, I can ‘use’ them and see them as a valuable tool and with ever-advancing technology they are now so user-friendly, in addition to some great software being easily available for everyone to use.

Over the years, having looked at (and bought !!) lots of programs & products in my pursuit for online fortunes – many of which were either scams or involved so much work for very little return – it dawned on me that having a successful online business was not going to be easy at all. The many empty promises by various ‘Experts’ and so-called Internet’Guru’s’ that you can upload their latest ‘all singing & dancing’ software and work about half an hour a week on auto-pilot proved to be fruitless – really ?? Do ya think ??.

Over the years I have gained a lot of experience at starting up and running various offline and other online businesses and want to see if I can now transfer my skills, knowledge and experience to a different, new online business. – one that is both successful and sustainable.

In the early 2000’s I signed up with ‘eBay’ and bought and sold lots of items that I was interested in and also discovered many ‘ebooks’ being sold on various subjects. Subsequently I started selling and re-selling stuff on eBay and this was successful and was my first dealings with ‘Information Products’ – realising that, quite literally, all I was selling was ‘INFORMATION’  – and, more importantly, I also realised that I was also (more importantly) selling a ‘SOLUTION’ to other people’s problems.’

I have been an established eBay seller for a number of years, even opening an eBay shop at one time, and selling used cars as a part-time business and eBay had been congratulating me on running my account very well. Unfortunately at this time eBay changed their attitude to small sellers and its ‘flea market’ business model approach and instead tried to emulate Amazon’s business model – so, one fine day eBay  decided to suspend my selling account indefinitely ‘just like that’, for no valid reason at all and no attempt at sensible discussion with eBay would get them to change their mind – so a valuable lesson was learnt that day – i.e.  DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET.  I have now got back on eBay via a ‘different’ route and have no fear of being suspended again – that’ll teach them!! I am now also looking at a start-up utilising Amazon FBA – anyone else interested? Still, the internet has allowed me to get involved with several online and offline businesses (with varying degrees of success) and I still see the internet as a tool for earning a good living with many plus points. Probably, like you, I’m still learning every step of the way.

So I have now further turned to the internet again for inspiration and also as another solution to start up and run a full-time, successful online business and am on a ‘Journey’ to online riches – – sounds like the X Factor doesn’t it?

Dead easy? Yeah Right !! In order to achieve this, I have joined up with a group of similar-minded people and intend to make a success and also to try to help and inspire similar people to do the same.



Random Facts About Me:       

I originate from  a place called Hartlepool, in the North East of the UK, where we are colloquially known as ‘Monkeyhangers’ (see my Hartlepool page), I currently live 50/50 between the North East and the North West of the UK.

  • On leaving school at 15 – quite normal back in the ‘good old days’ of the 70’s, plus with 3 ‘O’ levels to my name, I started work as an apprentice with British Steel as a Maintenance Fitter – this is when the UK had a bit of Industry – not much left nowadays!
  • Following my ‘career path’ in Engineering, I’ve had quite a few jobs both in the public and private sector – I  worked for the MOD in engineering  for Royal Navy submarines and surface ships, I have MIG-welded pipes, quality inspection, maintenance of heavy engineering plant and vehicles, worked in the Offshore oil industry, a Quality Engineer for a local Electronics company and even manufactured metal fittings for the HMS Warrior restoration project in the 1980’s.
  • Moved about a bit to work in sales (used/new cars and other jobs !!!) and also in customer service for a number of companies – I have even worked as a Postman – so I am a bit of a ‘Jack Of All Trades’ but with a wealth of experience in many fields …. Recently I have been running my own (small, offline) company related to the Property business but am looking to utilise the Internet to start a successful online business as my main income. I also have business interests in the North West (Cumbria) as well as the North East.
  • Cars are my ‘thing’ from a very young age, and I am a bit of a Petrol Head and love older classic cars, having owned and restored a few down the years. I am currently setting up a Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning business.
  • I have played guitar from the age of 13 and still play, (time permitting) having been in a few local ‘pub’ bands. I enjoy retro stuff and mainly early rock & roll, blues and 70’s music,. although I like anyone who is ‘good’ at what they do.
  • I have two unique, funny and very individual Grandkids who keep me young and who really give me a laugh with their antics. My Grand-daughter has just learned to drive.
  • My admiration is immense for people who just get off their backside(s) and just do stuff.
  • The aim now is to start-up and primarily run a new successful, viable online business and pass my knowledge and experience on to similar people who are looking for some inspiration and assistance in helping themselves to do the same.
  • Due to having to work from home, I have recently set up another part-time ‘offline’ business which I aim to run with my grand-daughter which is in the Automotive sector – We will be providing a local, mobile engine carbon cleaning service, totally ‘green’ and quite profitable if getting regular work – for details click ‘here’
What I’m NOT:
  • An Internet /Marketing Guru – whatever that is !
  • A Millionaire – although I have no mortgage any more,and am looking for a new holiday (or even permanent now!!) home either in the Lake District (or even further afield !!)
  • A time-waster, rip-off merchant or any other negative, stereotypical Online businessman. There are no false images of me posing in front  of someone else’s mansion, exotic cars or by the swimming pool on holiday pretending it is mine ! – what you see is what you get !